Steps To Resolve the Computer Booting Issues on Windows 7


Step 1: Check whether the computer finishes initial power-up (POST)

POST means Power-On Self-Test which tests the computer goes through whenever it starts. The POST stops the start-up process when the computer fails on the any of the tests.

Step 2: Unplug the all the external devices

Unplug the printers, scanners, media card readers and USB storage device etc.

Step 3: Check whether you are getting any error messages

After the POST completion, you get error message like Loading PBR for Descriptor

Here the solution to resolve Loading PBR for Descriptor Error:

  • Loading PBR for Descriptor Error occurs when the system not responding.

               Solution 1:

  • You need the change the setting to NO Boot in USB controller of the system.
  • Open the system setup BIOS screen by pressing the F2 button
  • Select onboard deviceàUSB ControlleràNo Boot and then press Enter button
  • Then press Esc button
  • To Save and Exit press the right arrow continuously then hit the enter button. Now your setting is saved and restarts the computer.

Solution 2:

  • You need to disconnect the all external devices and start your system.

Solution 3:

  • If you getting the same error messages means you have to restore your operating system.

Step 4: Change the BIOS settings to Default values

Step 5: Run the Computer Diagnostic

Turn on your system and then press the F12 key repeatedly Then the One-time Boot Menu will appears and then select the Diagnostic.

Wait for few minutes.

Step 6: After the Diagnostic completed boot your system in safe mode.

Step 7: Check whether the new software and hardware are installed if so uninstall them

Step 8: Run the startup repair

Startup Repair is the window 7 recovery tool which fixes the missing and damaged system files. So your system will restart correctly.

Step 9: Use System Restore to Revert to a Previous State

  • Restart your system
  • Press F8 key to get the windows advanced option menu
  • Select the repair your computer and in system recovery option select the language and then
  • Login as user or admin
  • Select Recovery ToolMenu à System Restore à Show restore points older than 5 days
  • Click ok and restart the system after the system restore

Step 10: Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date to protect your system from virus or other malicious.

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