Fixing Errors of your Roku

Most of the Roku Error codes can be easily sorted out by using simple steps. All you need to do is to find the reason why the problem has occurred. The Error codes generally arise due to issues with your cabling or issue with your network. So, always give a crosscheck on your network and […]

Steps To Resolve the Computer Booting Issues on Windows 7

Step 1: Check whether the computer finishes initial power-up (POST) POST means Power-On Self-Test which tests the computer goes through whenever it starts. The POST stops the start-up process when the computer fails on the any of the tests. Step 2: Unplug the all the external devices Unplug the printers, scanners, media card readers and […]

Why Does PC Run very Slow at the Boot Time

It is important to run your computer at good condition. Some time your PC slow down your process due to unwanted files that fragments your hard disk. Using multiple programs at once, that can affect your system. To avoid those problems restart your PC regularly. There are many reasons that slow down your personal computer. […]

How can I configure the E-mail in OUTLOOK 2011 (Mac)?

To configure your need remember few things Your Domain Your E-mail Address Your E-mail Password Steps to Configure OUTLOOK 2011 Step 1: Open the Outlook You will see the OUTLOOK Welcome banner Step 2: Click the Tool menu and then select Account Step 3: Click on E-mail Account icon.  In that window provide your Email […]